Saturday, April 2, 2011

Does you club logo need an overhaul?

What do companies like McDonald’s, Nike, Target, and Apple have that many of their peers envy?

A powerful and instantly recognizable brand their logo.

Have you ever thought much about your club’s logo?

The top club’s in the U.S. have several things in common with the aforementioned companies.  Their logo’s are:

1. Simple
2. Clear
3. Concise
4. Memorable
5. So recognizable, they don’t need to include their name on the design.

Here's a (very) small sample of the best:
...And the worst club logo’s are just the opposite:  Large, gaudy, pretentious, jumbled, and many appear to have little to do with golf:

If you are considering an update, here are few things you should avoid:

1.  Crowns, shields and anything to do with the medieval period.  It’s a golf club, not a place where members duel after 18 holes.
2.  3 inch plus logo’s that take up an entire sleeve.  Cramming too much into your logo, looks like you are trying to cram too much.
3.  Spelling out your name.  If the image is right, people will either know it or ask you about it.  Either way, it's a win.

“Our club has been around for 75 years.  I don't see how we could change it now, it’s a tradition”.

No, I doubt you can.

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