Sunday, November 16, 2014

...On Pro Shops

Your Pro Shop is for marketing – period. 
Every member should have a logo’d bag. Every member should have a wardrobe of logo’d apparel. They should drink from club logo’d pilsner glasses and carry their luggage in nice leather bags with the club logo prominently displayed. 
You already spend next to nothing on marketing anyway. Let your members be your walking billboards. Just make sure the price is right. It’s not the money you make on each piece, but the consistent image and reminder you are putting out to people that aren’t yet members.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

...on Private Carts

You want a billboard to potential members that says, ‘the inmates run the asylum’?
Keep allowing private carts.
The members that will fight for them are the very ones keeping new members that would actually spend money at the club from joining.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Can your Membership Director beat the purse salesman?

After buying a purse at the mall – my wife received this in the mail!?!?!
I have been a member of three clubs now.  Guess how many of these I received after joining?  The answer rhymes with Hero, but has nothing in common with it.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Food for thought #11

If you are asking your members to spend a minimum, and then serving them your minimum  (frozen food), don’t be surprised when they only spend it.
Thin, hollow chicken (as shown above) doesn’t say Country Club.

IMG_1055This is how your chicken strips should look (shown above).

Monday, February 17, 2014

5 incredibly easy ways to market your club better (next week)

Still in need of members?  Do you want to create a little buzz?  Then copy these five (easy) steps below:

1.  Add a two minute weekly golf (video) tip from your pro.  Think simple.  One thought.  Post it on your social media sites.  Create a youtube channel to house them all.  Bonus points if your local news station picks up the segment.

2.  Post a lunch special daily on your social media sites, in the bathroom, and in your carts.  I don't care if it is .50 off or only includes a drink, ‘specials’ are a call to action.  Bonus points if you include a picture.  Have fun with these from time to time with things like, “first member to mention ad gets a free appetizer with meal purchase (and then post who won, of course) or “free drinks for groups of four” (include a picture of the group).  

3.  Create a member of the month.  Make a parking spot with a sign.  Let the rest of the membership know about them and their family by featuring them in your club newsletter and social media sites.  Bonus points if you can give them something of value like $100 food credit for the month, (4) cart passes, or guest passes.

4. Have your GM or Head Pro eat lunch with one your bottom twelve spenders, once per month.  They are your most vulnerable member.  One a month - you can do it!

5. Have your GM or Head Pro eat lunch with one your top twelve spenders, once per month (ideally the day after #4).  They are your happiest member and should be able give you great ideas moving forward + they probably know friends that should be members.