Sunday, February 3, 2013

What your members think and never tell you

“When I walk the into the Club restaurant, my hope is someone will remember me and more precisely, my name.  If they are new, fine, my expectation goes from know to hopefully learn while serving me over the course of an hour or so.
If you don’t bother to remember me each time, the only thing you have done is sell me an expensive burger (or chicken wrap) that I could have bought for less without the name thing from a restaurant that doesn’t require $300-500 per month just for the privilege of entering”.
Is remembering your members name really that important?
Dale Carnegie starts one of the greatest books ever written with the importance of a persons name saying, “it is the most beautiful sound in the world…”.
The sole reason they pick the club restaurant over the other thirty they pass on the way is to (hopefully) have someone recognize them...of course they will never tell you this because no one wants to appear shallow or in need of attention, but the truth is, that should be at the top of your mission list:
Remember the Member each and every time (and they will rarely leave you).

Friday, February 1, 2013

And the Award for Best Private Club Social Media site goes to...

This one is hands-down, not even a contest.
Chris Murman, owner and GM of Houston Lake Country Club in Perry, GA does a masterful job EVERY week of keeping his members and guests informed about the club.
1. Pictures…and lots of them.  I rail about food service being the killer of most Private clubs (and it is), but take a gander at the pictures posted by the Club.  They say 1,000 words.  Where are yours?
2. Pictures…and lots of them.  How many pictures of your members do you post per week?  Per month?  Per year?  I dare you to go back over the last calendar year and count them.  If you don’t post pictures of your members…often.  You are missing the boat or the putt or the something.
3. Pictures…and lots of them.  How many non-camera phone pictures do you snap of your golf course?  I have never had the pleasure to play Houston Lakes CC…but I want to because the Club does an excellent job of showcasing the holes, the surroundings, and the wildlife in an engaging way.
4. Pictures…and lots of them.  How many times have you gotten a new shipment of shirts, bags, and/or accessories and failed to share the news with your members?  Every time you get something new in, take a picture.  I get bombarded by Dick’s Sporting Goods and TGW every other day with a new deal on equipment…but read few from the many Club sites I follow.  Big mistake!
5. Information.  Whether it be weddings, tournaments, or a simple invite for a special dinner…post it.  The more you post, the more exciting and inviting your club will look to potential guests and members.