Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pro Shop Stimulus?

Are you tired of the dotcoms and jumbo nets stealing your business?  Why not offer something you know they can’t pull off…just to see what happens?  Will you get additional lessons from something like this?  You’ll never know until you try.
golf lesson promotion.001

Monday, March 18, 2013

Food for thought #2

“We’re in the middle of the information revolution. Please don’t wear your disdain for Social Media like a badge.  Today, that’s like bragging that you can’t read. Treat Social Media marketing as the huge opportunity it is”.  - Kathi Kruse

Friday, March 1, 2013

Put yourself in their shoes

If you are like most clubs, you have banged the, “…and remember, you are our best source for recruiting new members” gong for years with little success.
Half of why it doesn’t bring in many new faces is the obligatory $200 or less benefit offered to the recruiting member.  (Hint:  Sweeten it).
The other half of why it hasn’t worked is the lack of WOW(!) when potential members visit your website.  Yes, the thing you were forced into building a few years ago that still looks like you traded out golf privileges for.  That.
For a minute, close your eyes and pretend you just moved to a new town.  You love to play golf.  Pretend you have a family with two kids.  Or are newly married.  Now, for fun, I dare you to click a few random towns, with random clubs.
How long did it take you to find their calendar of events?
How did their newsletter strike you?  Was it engaging…or boring?
Did they (even) bother to post either on their web page?
Outside of a glowing recommendation from a new co-worker or friend, this is how many potential members find you…FIRST.
Touting your great greens, peaceful setting, or quality staff…is what everyone else is already doing.  White noise.
How you proactively engage your members on a regular basis is what will set you apart from the pack.  A full calendar and a great newsletter tells the story.  As potential members read through them (and believe me they do), they picture themselves actively participating in the events themselves.
“Hmm…Wine and Nine…that looks like fun”!
“Ah…my wife always said she wanted to take up Tennis, this looks like a great program to get started”.
“Parents night out…wow”!
But if you have little going on or don’t tell it effectively, your competition will likely grab them.
What should you be talking about?
  1. New events – Why should I attend?  How much will it cost me?  Will I fit in?
  2. Yearly events – What happened last year?  Who should come?  What will it miss out on by not attending?
  3. Specific programs (i.e., Golf, Tennis, Fitness, Cooking Classes)  – Will I get better by participating?  What will they cover specifically?  Do you have a testimonial from someone that has done it before?
  4. New Members – Why did they join?  What do they like best so far?  Where do they work?  Who are their family members and what are their ages and interests?  Remember, these people just joined your club, they are probably very excited.  Capture their enthusiasm here.
  5. And pictures…the more the better.  People having fun make other people want to come and have fun with them.
A full calendar says Relevant and Active.
When writing your newsletter, think of it as a call to action with everything you do.  Your goal should be maximum participation to maximize the value of each persons membership.