Monday, April 11, 2016

Domino’s, Ebay, and your Pro Shop

Have you tried the new (well, it’s really not that new now) Domino’s Pizza Tracker app?  Place your order…and the application shows you in temperature gauge fashion where your pizza is step by step until completion.  Really fascinating that the company put so much time and thought into a $7-12 item.
Ebay is another remarkable application.  Individuals sell items to other individuals…and without fail, whether the item is a $5 book or a $50 Hines Ward jersey, tracking information is provided within 24 hours of paying for the selection.
I ordered shoes via the New Balance brick and mortar store a month ago…same thing, but in person.  “Sir, it is showing in stock and we can have it here by Friday.  Should I order it for you”?
Shockingly…I don’t have a ‘membership’ to any of these businesses.
What is the process for ordering at your club, step-by-step?
If sounds like, “we’ll get it ordered and call you when it comes in”, and then your staff is harassed by the member for weeks until the order arrives – That is on you, not your ‘annoying’ member.
$5 pizzas, $10 books, a part for my broken dishwasher all come with adequate arrival information.  It’s not 1975 anymore.  This is blocking and tackling.

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